Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Madrid Error – Episodes 111, 112, 113

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Bob Garrett – Episode 229

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray pay special tribute this week to a giant in the fingerprint world, Bob Garrett. With the passing...

Knuckle-Crease Daubert Hearing – Episode 228

In this episode, Glenn and Eric discuss a recent case Glenn was involved in: a knuckle-crease case. The case had a Daubert...

New York Firearms Case – Episode 227

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray review a recent court decision on firearms testimony. NY v Ross was a recent Frye case where...

Best Latent Print Books – Episode 226

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray were recently asked which latent print books they recommend the most. This episode they talk through the...

Part 1

Glenn and Eric begin a 3-part review of the full report from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) on the Madrid Bombing or Brandon Mayfield error from the FBI. This episode starts with a general overview and begins looking at the timeline, including some common misconceptions and inaccuracies that have been taught in fingerprint training classes.

Part 2

Glenn and Eric continue through the timeline of the Madrid Error or the Brandon Mayfield erroneous fingerprint identification. The guys learn all sorts of new things from the full OIG report that sometimes reveal a new understanding and sometimes contradict the commonly held beliefs of the public and the experts.

Part 3

Eric and Glenn complete their series on the Madrid Bombing Fingerprint Error from the FBI. Even more than 10 years after the error was revealed, there are still very interesting things to learn about this error that led to so many changes and improvements in the latent fingerprint comparison field.

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