Friday, August 14, 2020

Making a Murderer Season 1 – Episodes 121, 122, 124, 125, 129

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Best Latent Print Books – Episode 226

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray were recently asked which latent print books they recommend the most. This episode they talk through the...

The Most Dangerous Animal of All Documentary – Episode 225

This week, the guys review and share their reactions to the documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” (produced by Campfire Productions...

Forensics in the New Normal – Episode 224

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray take a break from normal interviews and research reviews to host a laid-back happy hour discussion on...

How to Fix a Drug Scandal Documentary – Episodes 221, 222, 223

Part 1: Episode 221 In the first of two episodes, Glenn and Eric discuss Netflix’s “How to Fix a...

Part 1 – Episode 121

Glenn and Eric start a two-part podcast discussion on the twisty case of Stephen Avery, now an extremely popular documentary on Netflix. As they wind their way through this very interesting case, the guys try to keep the focus on the physical evidence available and how that all played in to the convictions in this case.

Part 2 – Episode 122

Eric and Glenn continue their discussion of the popular Netflix documentary including further discussions of the physical evidence, the EDTA test, things not discussed in the documentary, and the entire concept of true crime as entertainment.

Part 3 – Episode 124

Glenn and Eric answer some questions from an email that came in after the Making a Murderer episodes. Is all the extra time used to shield ourselves from bias worth the effort? Do the fact-finders and the general public want our conclusions expressed as associations instead of identifications? Which of our customers decides? The officers, accreditation boards, judges, attorneys, jurors, legislatures?

Part 4 – Episode 125

Glenn and Eric read a couple of emails from non-examiners that came across our Making a Murderer episodes. We ended up spending this whole episode talking about the ideas and comments from those emails.

Unrelated to the episode is the image thumbnail. This is the Christmas gift to our patron in Indianapolis. Turn the image upside-down and it says ‘fingerprint’.

Part 5 – Episode 129

Glenn and Eric received some more emails about the Avery case and fill out yet another episode with the topic. They even manage to debunk a fingerprint myth from the case.

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