Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Gaze Detection Article – Episode 201

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss the new article from Austin Hicklin, Brad Ulery, Tom Busey, and company researching latent print examiners...

Review of Miami-Dade Error Rates – Episode 197

Glenn and Eric start with a brief chat about ethics and the recent JFI letter regarding testing and studies involving human subjects....

Gianni Ribeiro Article and Interview – Episode 196

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss post-Laura Interview thoughts after last episode's "lay person" interview. They tie in a new paper surveying...

Melting Point Topics – Episode 194

Eric Ray shares some big news and then shares a story about the dictionary. Glenn Langenburg brings another Super Fan into the...

Fingerprints for Investigative Leads – Episode 193

After arguing about the Mandela Effect, Glenn and Eric catch up on some email and discuss ANAB AR3125 and how this...

Fingerprint Analogies – Episode 181

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg begin the episode with a discussion of an article from a law journal by Barbara Spellman titled,...

Categorical vs. Probabilistic – Episode 165

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray tackle two articles in one fantastic episode. First, "Lay Understanding of 'Identification': How Jurors Interpret Forensic Identification...

Vos PCAST Article – Episode 162

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss last year's article, Using the PCAST Report to Exclude, Limit, or Minimize Experts by Eric Alexander...

Koehler Error Rate Article – Episode 161

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray follow up from last week's discussion of Glenn's recent Daubert hearing with a 2016 article from Jonathan...

Daubert Challenge Recap – Episode 160

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray return after another hiatus to share travel stories and then to discuss a Daubert hearing that Glenn...