Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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DFSC Stats & NCFS Ends – Episode 145

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg get back into the swing of things with big news in the spring of 2017. The Defense...

Forensic Science Fair Project Ideas – Episode 142

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg take an idea from a listener and talk about ideas for science fair projects that feature forensic...

PCAST Report – Episode 139

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg catch up after an extended hiatus and then review the recent PCAST report. The President's Council of...

Weight of Evidence – Episode 131

Glenn and Eric listened to the online recordings of the NIST Technical Colloquium Quantifying the Weight of Forensic Evidence. The presentations brought...

Universal Language for Testimony and Reports – Episode 130

Glenn and Eric take a look at the newly proposed draft documents from the Department of Justice. These documents seek to provide...

Far East Travels – Episode 128

Eric wastes almost an entire episode talking about teaching the Exclusionology class in Taipei, Taiwan and then visits Tokyo on the way...

Ontario Interviews – Episode 127

Eric (along with Penny Dechant) interviews Melissa, Nicole, and Jackie who all recently attended the Exclusionology class in Ontario, CA.

Chicago Motions – Episode 126

Glenn and Eric delve into a couple of recent cases involving Chicago PD where defense attorneys have filed motions challenging the admission...

What’s in a Touch? – Episode 104

Glenn and Eric finally record a new episode and catch up on the past month or so including some recap on the...

Conclusion Testimony – Episode 123

Eric and Glenn start with a quick review of recent topics from the 2016 OSAC meeting. They then discuss a couple of...