Saturday, April 4, 2020
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2019 IAI Conference – Episode 204

Join Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray in Reno, NV for the 2019 International Association for Identification conference. We are joined by Becca...

Idaho Interviews – Episode 202

Eric Ray was recently teaching in Idaho (the ID state) and had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Craven, Katlyn Shelar,...

Michael Whyte Interview – Episode 200

EPISODE 200!!! - Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg celebrate the big number 200 with an overseas interview with Australian latent print examiner...

Brandon Garrett Interview – Episode 199

In this episode, the guys sit down for a fantastic interview with Duke Law Professor Brandon Garrett to discuss his and colleagues' recent juror study. Their most recent paper provides fingerprint proficiency test results to mock jurors to see how this information may impact their decision making and how reliable they believe fingerprint evidence to be.

Gianni Ribeiro Article and Interview – Episode 196

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss post-Laura Interview thoughts after last episode's "lay person" interview. They tie in a new paper surveying...

Wine & Crime Podcast – Episode 108

This week, Glenn and Eric join the gals over at the 'Wine and Crime Podcast'. They cover topics including whorls versus swirls,...

Laura Keck Interview – Episode 195

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray interview friend-of-the-show, Laura Keck, and dive deep into how forensic evidence is interpreted by a lay person....

Mark Stolorow Interview – Episode 192

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray are proud to be joined by Mark Stolorow. Before his years guiding the creation of the OSAC...

Christophe Champod Interview – Episode 191

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg are joined for another episode discussing statistics and probabilities by Professor Christophe Champod from the University of...

Gianni Ribeiro Interview – Episode 190

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg interview Australian researcher Gianni Ribeiro at the December 2018 OSAC meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Gianni tells the...