Tuesday, July 7, 2020



Dave Charlton Interview – Episodes 21, 22

Part 1 - Episode 21 Eric and Glenn interview Dr. Dave Charlton about his start in forensics and...

Brian Dalrymple and John Norman Interview – Episodes 16, 17

Part 1 - Episode 16 Glenn and Eric interview Brian Dalrymple and John Norman and their experiences in...

Pierre Margot Interview – Episode 12

Glenn sits down with Prof. Pierre Margot from the University of Lausanne to discuss his career and some forensic science history.

Alice Maceo Interview – Episode 13

Eric and Glenn interview Alice Maceo (Alice White) about how she started in forensics, her distortion studies, recent changes at her lab,...

Nicole Egli Interview – Episode 14

Glenn interviews Nicole Egli from the University of Lausanne on her thesis developing likelihood ratios from AFIS score data... and other fun.

Bill Schade and Heather Conner Interviews – Episode 02

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg talk with Bill Schade and Heather Conner about lectures at the 2013 IAI Conference.

White Box Results and Tom Busey Interview – Episode 1

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss recent results of the Noblis White Box Study and interview Dr. Tom Busey.

Who the Hell Are Glenn and Eric – Episodes 3 + 4

Part 1 Glenn and Eric discuss the McCluskey case out of New Mexico involving testimony on identification to...

Latest news

The Most Dangerous Animal of All Documentary – Episode 225

This week, the guys review and share their reactions to the documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” (produced by Campfire Productions...

Forensics in the New Normal – Episode 224

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray take a break from normal interviews and research reviews to host a laid-back happy hour discussion on...

How to Fix a Drug Scandal Documentary – Episodes 221, 222, 223

Part 1: Episode 221 In the first of two episodes, Glenn and Eric discuss Netflix’s “How to Fix a...

Blind QC Research at HFSC – Episode 220

In this episode, Eric and Glenn start the show discussing a few kind emails and reviews of this podcast. They also talk...

David Camm Case – Episodes 218, 219

Part 1 This episode is Part 1 on the Indiana v. David Camm case. Eric and Glenn review the...