Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Couple of Papers – Episode 116

Eric and Glenn each discuss a paper that they were involved with recently. Eric and the IAI Subcommittee on Probability Modeling published...

Thompson Expertise Article – Episode 84

Glenn and Eric review the latest article from Matthew B. Thompson and Jason M. Tangen in PLOS One: "The Nature of Expertise...

Simultaneous Impressions – Episode 71

Eric and Glenn sidle up to a discussion on simultaneous impressions. From ridgeology to the Patterson case to John Black's research. We...

White Box Article – Episodes 69, 70

Part 1 - Episode 69 Eric and Glenn review the newest White Box study from Noblis - Measuring...

Haber Responses – Episodes 60, 61

Part 1 - Episode 60 Glenn and Eric revisit the Habers' criticism of accuracy research in latent prints...

White Box II – Episodes 57, 58

Part 1 - Episode 57 Eric and Glenn talk about an expensive trip to Norway and then go...

Lone Examiners and LPU Stats – Episode 49

Eric and Glenn dig through the email bag to talk about Lone Wolf Examiners; those examiners that work as the entire latent...

Mnookin Article Estimating Error Rates – Episodes 38, 39

Part 1 - Episode 38 Glenn and Eric go in depth on the recent paper by Kellman, Mnookin,...

Top 4 Best Latent Print Articles – Episode 35

Eric and Glenn choose their top, best, most-relied-upon latent print articles, summarize the research, and discuss how they can be used in...