Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Idaho Interviews – Episode 202

Eric Ray was recently teaching in Idaho (the ID state) and had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Craven, Katlyn Shelar,...

Melting Point Topics – Episode 194

Eric Ray shares some big news and then shares a story about the dictionary. Glenn Langenburg brings another Super Fan into the...

Fingerprints for Investigative Leads – Episode 193

After arguing about the Mandela Effect, Glenn and Eric catch up on some email and discuss ANAB AR3125 and how this...

IDEMIA Case AFIS – Episode 179

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray interview Teresa Wu from IDEMIA about the new product launch of IDEMIA's Case AFIS. The new system...

2017 Florida Conference – Episode 168

Eric Ray hosts a live Double Loop Podcast discussion at the 2017 Florida Division IAI Conference in Panama City Beach, FL, and...

Melissa Neylon Case – Episode 118

Glenn and Eric first take a long detour to discuss their initial reactions to the newest Star Wars movie (of course), but...

How Many Candidates? – Episode 114

Glenn and Eric bring up a listener email asking how many candidates examiners should request during AFIS searches. And further, are examiners...

Madrid Error – Episodes 111, 112, 113

Part 1 Glenn and Eric begin a 3-part review of the full report from the Office of the...

Error Management – Episode 86

Glenn and Eric bring in Carey Hall, Penny Dechant, Heather Conner, and Sean Conner for an extra large Double Loop Podcast that...

Email Hodge Podge – Episode 85

Glenn and Eric review a couple of email responses. The first addresses AFIS hit frequencies from a listener working at a federal...