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Fingerprint Analogies – Episode 181

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg begin the episode with a discussion of an article from a law journal by Barbara Spellman titled,...

Categorical vs. Probabilistic – Episode 165

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray tackle two articles in one fantastic episode. First, "Lay Understanding of 'Identification': How Jurors Interpret Forensic Identification...

Vos PCAST Article – Episode 162

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss last year's article, Using the PCAST Report to Exclude, Limit, or Minimize Experts by Eric Alexander...

Koehler Error Rate Article – Episode 161

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray follow up from last week's discussion of Glenn's recent Daubert hearing with a 2016 article from Jonathan...

Workplace Stress Article – Episode 150

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray read through a new paper from Amy Jeanguenat and Itiel Dror on how workplace stress can affect...

White Box Exclusion paper – Episode 149

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg delve deep into the data from the White Box and Black Box studies regarding the exclusion decision....

Couple of Papers – Episode 116

Eric and Glenn each discuss a paper that they were involved with recently. Eric and the IAI Subcommittee on Probability Modeling published...

Cross-Examination Article – Episodes 89, 90

Part 1 - Episode 89 Glenn and Eric tackle an article out of Australia for defense attorneys. How...

Swofford Paradigm Shift Article – Episode 88

Glenn and Eric review the new article by Henry Swofford in the Journal of Forensic Identification, The Emerging Paradigm Shift in the...

Thompson Expertise Article – Episode 84

Glenn and Eric review the latest article from Matthew B. Thompson and Jason M. Tangen in PLOS One: "The Nature of Expertise...