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OSAC Update and Travel Stories – Episode 216

Glenn Langenburg returns from international travels (just in time) and brings stories from distant lands of England and Minnesota. As the discussion...

OSAC FRS Standards for Conclusions – Episode 206

In this episode, Eric and Glenn tackle the 2018 proposed OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee (FRS) Standards for Conclusions. They review the entire...

2019 IAI Conference – Episode 204

Join Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray in Reno, NV for the 2019 International Association for Identification conference. We are joined by Becca...

Laura Keck Interview – Episode 195

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray interview friend-of-the-show, Laura Keck, and dive deep into how forensic evidence is interpreted by a lay person....

Simon Cole Interview – Episode 169

Eric Ray sits down for an interview with Simon Cole from the University of California Irvine. Simon explains how he first became...

Categorical vs. Probabilistic – Episode 165

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray tackle two articles in one fantastic episode. First, "Lay Understanding of 'Identification': How Jurors Interpret Forensic Identification...

2016 IAI Conference – Episode 137

Eric Ray hosts the Double Loop Podcast panel discussion at the 2016 IAI Conference in Cincinnati with Glenn Langenburg joining in remotely....

Weight of Evidence – Episode 131

Glenn and Eric listened to the online recordings of the NIST Technical Colloquium Quantifying the Weight of Forensic Evidence. The presentations brought...

Conclusion Testimony – Episode 123

Eric and Glenn start with a quick review of recent topics from the 2016 OSAC meeting. They then discuss a couple of...

Strength of Conclusion – Episode 120

Glenn and Eric discuss a recent article published by Michele Triplett titled, Complexity, Level of Association, and Strength of Fingerprint Conclusions. The...