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PNW Conference Panel – Episode 205

Glenn Langenburg leads a panel discussion (with Eric Ray joining via phone) at the Pacific Northwest Division of the IAI / Northwest...

Laura Keck Interview – Episode 195

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray interview friend-of-the-show, Laura Keck, and dive deep into how forensic evidence is interpreted by a lay person....

Making a Murderer Season 2

Part 1 - Episode 183 Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray delve into the second season of Making a...

2017 Florida Conference – Episode 168

Eric Ray hosts a live Double Loop Podcast discussion at the 2017 Florida Division IAI Conference in Panama City Beach, FL, and...

Koehler Error Rate Article – Episode 161

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray follow up from last week's discussion of Glenn's recent Daubert hearing with a 2016 article from Jonathan...

Daubert Challenge Recap – Episode 160

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray return after another hiatus to share travel stories and then to discuss a Daubert hearing that Glenn...

Jay Kadane Article – Episode 144

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg review an article in Forensic Magazine that discusses the presentation that Jay Kadane gave at the American...

Goodwin-Bey Case – Episode 141

Eric and Glenn discuss a few emails before delving into a little more on the PCAST report and its impact on the...

2016 IAI Conference – Episode 137

Eric Ray hosts the Double Loop Podcast panel discussion at the 2016 IAI Conference in Cincinnati with Glenn Langenburg joining in remotely....

OJ Simpson Case – Episodes 133 – 134

Part 1 After the success and interest of Making a Murderer episodes, Glenn and Eric travel back to...