Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Workplace Stress Article – Episode 150

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray read through a new paper from Amy Jeanguenat and Itiel Dror on how workplace stress can affect...

What’s in a Touch? – Episode 104

Glenn and Eric finally record a new episode and catch up on the past month or so including some recap on the...

Conclusion Testimony – Episode 123

Eric and Glenn start with a quick review of recent topics from the 2016 OSAC meeting. They then discuss a couple of...

Conflict Resolution Solutions – Episode 93

Listener Linda emails Eric and Glenn asking them to discuss conflict resolution policies for blind and non-blind verification. What do you do...

Tech Review Issues – Episode 81

Eric is out in Virginia while Glenn is travelling to Taiwan. After some travel stories, Glenn and Eric answer a listener email...

White Box Article – Episodes 69, 70

Part 1 - Episode 69 Eric and Glenn review the newest White Box study from Noblis - Measuring...