Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Investigative Leads – Episode 105

Glenn tells Eric a very interesting story from his workshop at the conference, and the guys then review an email asking for...

Email Hodge Podge – Episode 85

Glenn and Eric review a couple of email responses. The first addresses AFIS hit frequencies from a listener working at a federal...

Training Program – Episodes 76, 77

Part 1 - Episode 76 Glenn and Eric open up the mailbag by first revisiting a previous discussion...

Email Questions on Probabilities – Episode 68

Glenn and Eric first talk a little about how OSAC plans to work with accrediting bodies. The discussion then turns to an...

Palm Email and Exclusions – Episode 46

Glenn and Eric finally answer an old email about comparing palms differently than comparing fingers. The conversation then meanders towards excluding palms...