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Idaho Interviews – Episode 202

Eric Ray was recently teaching in Idaho (the ID state) and had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Craven, Katlyn Shelar,...

How to Compare Fingerprints

The following video from provides a basic look into how fingerprint comparisons are performed and the level of detail in agreement that...

White Box Exclusion paper – Episode 149

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg delve deep into the data from the White Box and Black Box studies regarding the exclusion decision....

ID and Exclusion of All Others – Episode 94

Glenn and Eric answer an email asking for more detail about how to clarify an identification that is not to the exclusion...

Penny Dechant Interview – Episode 50

Glenn and Eric invite Penny Dechant from Arizona DPS onto the Double Loop Podcast to talk about how she entered the field,...

Exclusion Talk in VA – Episode 47

Eric and Penny Dechant interview Angela and Steph from the US Postal Inspection Service about the Exclusionology class. Glenn then joins Eric...

Palm Email and Exclusions – Episode 46

Glenn and Eric finally answer an old email about comparing palms differently than comparing fingers. The conversation then meanders towards excluding palms...

Exclusion and Sufficiency Talk – Episode 33

Eric and Glenn talk with Linda, Robin, Danielle, and Michelle about topics from Glenn and John Black's class on Sufficiency and Exclusions...

John Black Interview – Episode 34

Glenn and Eric sit down (in front of a small audience) to interview John Black about how he started in forensics and...

Teresa Wu Interview – Episode 36

Glenn and Eric interview Teresa Wu from 3M/Cogent about the company and new research into preventing errors and statistical models.