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Activity Level – Episode 212

In this episode Glenn and Eric dig into ‘activity level propositions’, which will start a series of episodes that takes a deep...

Brandon Garrett Interview – Episode 199

In this episode, the guys sit down for a fantastic interview with Duke Law Professor Brandon Garrett to discuss his and colleagues' recent juror study. Their most recent paper provides fingerprint proficiency test results to mock jurors to see how this information may impact their decision making and how reliable they believe fingerprint evidence to be.

How to Dust for Fingerprints

The Smithsonian Channel series: Catching Killers have created an informative video to show how crime scene investigators working on the Night Stalker case try all types of...

How Do Fingerprints Form?

How do fingerprints form? Even though many people think it’s random, a lot of it has to do with your genes!

How to Compare Fingerprints

The following video from provides a basic look into how fingerprint comparisons are performed and the level of detail in agreement that...

Finding Patterns in Fingerprints

The first time fingerprints were ever used as evidence in a murder investigation, the detectives used the same system of classification that...

Fingerprints & Sweat Glands

Amazing time lapse footage of the secretion of sweat from the eccrine glands in the hand and how, when in contact with...

Sandy Siegel Interview – Episode 152

Eric and Glenn sit down for an interview with Sandy Siegel and are also joined by a crew...

White Box Paper III – Episode 132

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray discuss the most recent paper from the Noblis team (Bradford Ulery, Austin Hicklin, Maria Roberts, and JoAnn...