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OSAC FRS Standards for Conclusions – Episode 206

In this episode, Eric and Glenn tackle the 2018 proposed OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee (FRS) Standards for Conclusions. They review the entire...

How to Compare Fingerprints

The following video from provides a basic look into how fingerprint comparisons are performed and the level of detail in agreement that...

Goodwin-Bey Case – Episode 141

Eric and Glenn discuss a few emails before delving into a little more on the PCAST report and its impact on the...

Beyond Identification – Episode 115

Glenn and Eric talk about a new document released by the Defense Forensic Science Center. That agency has decided to forego using...

Alabama Erroneous ID – Episode 108

Eric and Glenn talk through the recent news that Beniah Dandridge was wrongly convicted for murder and has served 19 years in...

ID and Exclusion of All Others – Episode 94

Glenn and Eric answer an email asking for more detail about how to clarify an identification that is not to the exclusion...

Swofford Paradigm Shift Article – Episode 88

Glenn and Eric review the new article by Henry Swofford in the Journal of Forensic Identification, The Emerging Paradigm Shift in the...

White Box II – Episodes 57, 58

Part 1 - Episode 57 Eric and Glenn talk about an expensive trip to Norway and then go...

Simon Cole Individualization Article – Episodes 23, 24

Part 1 - Episode 23 Glenn and Eric start their discussion about Simon Cole's new article on the...

Exclusion vs. Non-Ident vs. No ID Effected – Episode 05

Glenn shares some big news. We listen to listener mail regarding the phi symbol. Finally, a discussion on the history and differences...