Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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OSAC Update and Travel Stories – Episode 216

Glenn Langenburg returns from international travels (just in time) and brings stories from distant lands of England and Minnesota. As the discussion...

OSAC & ASB Update – Episode 211

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg get passionate about policies. Stirred up about standards. PO'd about SDO's. After a quick refresher on how...

Friction Ridge Process Map – Episode 209

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg talk through the latest document out of the OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee. In November 2019, they released...

OSAC FRS Standards for Conclusions – Episode 206

In this episode, Eric and Glenn tackle the 2018 proposed OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee (FRS) Standards for Conclusions. They review the entire...

Mark Stolorow Interview – Episode 192

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray are proud to be joined by Mark Stolorow. Before his years guiding the creation of the OSAC...

Gianni Ribeiro Interview – Episode 190

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg interview Australian researcher Gianni Ribeiro at the December 2018 OSAC meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Gianni tells the...

Hodge Podge #6 – Episode 117

Glenn and Eric throw out a number of topics including how the podcast helps to solve crime and discussions from OSAC meetings.

Inconclusive with Similarities – Episode 75

Glenn asks Eric some more questions about the recent OSAC meetings before Eric tells Glenn about a recent admissibility hearing on a...

OSAC Friction Ridge Meeting – Episode 74

Eric brings back info from the first OSAC meeting and discusses with Glenn upcoming plans for the Friction Ridge Subcommittee.

Email Questions on Probabilities – Episode 68

Glenn and Eric first talk a little about how OSAC plans to work with accrediting bodies. The discussion then turns to an...