Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Forensic Movie Recommendations during COVID-19 – Episode 217

In the wake of COVID-19 and so many of us staying at home, we decided as an April Fools’ Episode to make...

FBI Persistency Paper – Episode 203

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg review a new paper that's been long in the making. "The permanence of friction ridge skin and...

Christophe Champod Interview – Episode 191

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg are joined for another episode discussing statistics and probabilities by Professor Christophe Champod from the University of...

Gianni Ribeiro Interview – Episode 190

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg interview Australian researcher Gianni Ribeiro at the December 2018 OSAC meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Gianni tells the...

AAAS Report & Interviews – Episodes 171 ~ 173

Part 1 - John Black Interview Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray finally get around to discussing the report...

Alicia Wilcox Interview – Episodes 163 + 164

Part 1 - Episode 163 Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray join with Dr. Alicia Wilcox from Husson University...

Caroline Gibb Interview – Episode 146

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray interview Caroline Gibb about her experiences coming up in the latent print field in Australia. LEARN about...

White Box Paper III – Episode 132

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray discuss the most recent paper from the Noblis team (Bradford Ulery, Austin Hicklin, Maria Roberts, and JoAnn...

Couple of Papers – Episode 116

Eric and Glenn each discuss a paper that they were involved with recently. Eric and the IAI Subcommittee on Probability Modeling published...

Miami-Dade Study Review – Episode 80

Eric and Glenn and Carey Hall go through a review of the recent Miami-Dade study on accuracy in fingerprint comparisons.