Monday, December 6, 2021



OSAC Update and Travel Stories – Episode 216

Glenn Langenburg returns from international travels (just in time) and brings stories from distant lands of England and Minnesota. As the discussion turns to...

OSAC & ASB Update – Episode 211

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg get passionate about policies. Stirred up about standards. PO'd about SDO's. After a quick refresher on how NIST, OSAC,...

OSAC FRS Standards for Conclusions – Episode 206

In this episode, Eric and Glenn tackle the 2018 proposed OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee (FRS) Standards for Conclusions. They review the entire document and...

Universal Language for Testimony and Reports – Episode 130

Glenn and Eric take a look at the newly proposed draft documents from the Department of Justice. These documents seek to provide universal language...

OSAC Friction Ridge Meeting – Episode 74

Eric brings back info from the first OSAC meeting and discusses with Glenn upcoming plans for the Friction Ridge Subcommittee. Click here to listen to...

Sufficiency and Standards for Exclusion Decisions – Episode 11

Glenn interviews Eric about his recent article on Sufficiency and Standards for Exclusion Decisions. Click here to listen to this episode of the Podcast.

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