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OSAC Update and Travel Stories – Episode 216

Glenn Langenburg returns from international travels (just in time) and brings stories from distant lands of England and Minnesota. As the discussion...

OSAC & ASB Update – Episode 211

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg get passionate about policies. Stirred up about standards. PO'd about SDO's. After a quick refresher on how...

OSAC FRS Standards for Conclusions – Episode 206

In this episode, Eric and Glenn tackle the 2018 proposed OSAC Friction Ridge Subcommittee (FRS) Standards for Conclusions. They review the entire...

Universal Language for Testimony and Reports – Episode 130

Glenn and Eric take a look at the newly proposed draft documents from the Department of Justice. These documents seek to provide...

OSAC Friction Ridge Meeting – Episode 74

Eric brings back info from the first OSAC meeting and discusses with Glenn upcoming plans for the Friction Ridge Subcommittee.

Sufficiency and Standards for Exclusion Decisions – Episode 11

Glenn interviews Eric about his recent article on Sufficiency and Standards for Exclusion Decisions. Click here to listen to...