Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Pierre Margot Interview – Episode 12

Glenn sits down with Prof. Pierre Margot from the University of Lausanne to discuss his career and some forensic science history.

Alice Maceo Interview – Episode 13

Eric and Glenn interview Alice Maceo (Alice White) about how she started in forensics, her distortion studies, recent changes at her lab,...

Nicole Egli Interview – Episode 14

Glenn interviews Nicole Egli from the University of Lausanne on her thesis developing likelihood ratios from AFIS score data... and other fun.

Bill Schade and Heather Conner Interviews – Episode 02

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg talk with Bill Schade and Heather Conner about lectures at the 2013 IAI Conference.

White Box Results and Tom Busey Interview – Episode 1

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss recent results of the Noblis White Box Study and interview Dr. Tom Busey.

Who the Hell Are Glenn and Eric – Episodes 3 + 4

Part 1 Glenn and Eric discuss the McCluskey case out of New Mexico involving testimony on identification to...

Latest news

Knuckle-Crease Daubert Hearing – Episode 228

In this episode, Glenn and Eric discuss a recent case Glenn was involved in: a knuckle-crease case. The case had a Daubert...

New York Firearms Case – Episode 227

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray review a recent court decision on firearms testimony. NY v Ross was a recent Frye case where...

Best Latent Print Books – Episode 226

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray were recently asked which latent print books they recommend the most. This episode they talk through the...

The Most Dangerous Animal of All Documentary – Episode 225

This week, the guys review and share their reactions to the documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” (produced by Campfire Productions...

Forensics in the New Normal – Episode 224

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray take a break from normal interviews and research reviews to host a laid-back happy hour discussion on...
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