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Alan McNamara Case – Episodes 250, 251

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Part 1

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray discuss the case of Alan McNamara from the UK. In this episode we cover the details of the burglary and how the police focused on Alan McNamara. Despite many issues in the latent print evidence, charges moved forward. The prosecution’s entire case was based on a single latent print with questionable documentation.

Part 2

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg continue their discussion of the Alan McNamara case from the UK. This time they start with the trial and then go through many of the expert witnesses that got involved in this case. Why do all the test lifts from the jewelry box have a wood grain in the background, but there is no grain in the evidence lift? Does the hook or Chinese character shape mean anything? How important is testimony about the homeowner’s cleaning schedule? Can latent prints survive regular cleanings? Should there be questions about the accuracy of the latent print identifications to the homeowner? Eric then reads some of the internet comments that were made when the Alan McNamara case was first featured on the BBC’s Panorama. Join us again on the next episode where we interview Alan McNamara.

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