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With interesting guests from the Forensic, Law Enforcement, and Academic Community

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Case Interviews


Alan McNamara Interview – Episode 252

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray are joined by Alan McNamara to continue discussing the case that sent him to jail. Alan shares his story...

Dr Henry Swofford Interview – Episode 248

Eric and Glenn interview returning guest, and newly minted PhD, Dr. Henry Swofford on his recent paper, with co-author Prof. Christophe Champod: “Probabilistic reporting...

Brianne Breedlove Interview – Episode 247

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray sit down with Brianne Breedlove from Uncover Forensics to discuss online training and how things have changed in professional...

Hillary Moses Daluz Interview – Episode 244

In this episode, the guys interview fingerprint examiner, multi-book author, and instructor, Hillary Moses Daluz . Hillary discusses her new book "Courtroom Testimony for...

Todd Weller Interview – Episode 235

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray are joined by Todd Weller to discuss the firearms/toolmarks discipline. Todd was involved in the NY firearms case from...

Bob Garrett – Episode 229

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray pay special tribute this week to a giant in the fingerprint world, Bob Garrett. With the passing of Bob...

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Research Interviews

Case Studies

An analysis of notable cases from a forensic scientist perspective.

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Court Testimony


Alan McNamara Case – Episodes 250, 251

Part 1 Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray discuss the case of Alan McNamara from the UK. In this episode we cover the details of the...

Stephen Cowans Case – Episode 246

In this episode, Eric and Glenn FINALLY review the Stephan Cowans case, a case of an erroneous identification from Boston where a fingerprint identification...

Knuckle-Crease Daubert Hearing – Episode 228

In this episode, Glenn and Eric discuss a recent case Glenn was involved in: a knuckle-crease case. The case had a Daubert hearing in...

New York Firearms Case – Episode 227

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray review a recent court decision on firearms testimony. NY v Ross was a recent Frye case where the testimony...

The Most Dangerous Animal of All Documentary – Episode 225

This week, the guys review and share their reactions to the documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” (produced by Campfire Productions and available...

How to Fix a Drug Scandal Documentary – Episodes 221, 222, 223

Part 1: Episode 221 In the first of two episodes, Glenn and Eric discuss Netflix’s “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” (2020), covering the actions...

Popular Episodes

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Episodes on Errors


An deep dive into research articles pertaining to latent print, crime scene, and expert testimony

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Episodes on Conclusions


Bigger Blacker Boxes – Episode 253

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg tackle three new Black Box / Accuracy studies from Austin Hicklin, et al and Noblis. Results from research into...

Review of ASB Documents 2021 – Episode 242

In this episode, the guys talk about Thanksgiving: Eric’s amazing food preparation and Glenn’s travel to Canada to teach. Eric also gives a plug...

Blind Proficiency Testing Paper – Episode 241

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg discuss the recent paper on Blind Proficiency Testing from the Houston Forensic Science Center: "Latent print quality in blind...

Todd Weller Inconclusives Interview – Episode 240

In this episode, Todd Weller (firearms expert) returns to the show to talk to Eric and Glenn about the article on inconclusive decisions by...

Dror & Scurich Article – Episode 238

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray review the 2020 article from Itiel Dror and Nicholas Scurich. "(Mis)use of scientific measurements in forensic science" was published...

Testifying After an Error – Episode 237

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray discuss how to testify in court after an error occurs. Examiners nervous about upcoming testimony can find tips whether...

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