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Anja Einseln Interview – Episodes 158 – 159

Part 1 Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray first revisit a couple of additional aspects of our previous discussion...

ANAB Accreditation – Episode 157

Eric and Glenn tackle a topic that will be a major concern of labs across the country in the next few years,...

Email Questions on Probabilities – Episode 68

Glenn and Eric first talk a little about how OSAC plans to work with accrediting bodies. The discussion then turns to an...

Admissibility Hearings and Accreditation Issues – Episode 29

Eric and Glenn meander through listener emails and discussions on admissibility hearings, troubled forensic labs, and IAFIS technology. Click...

Strengthening the Forensic Sciences Report – Episode 37

Eric and Glenn go through each point brought up in the new report on Strengthening the Forensic Sciences from the National Science...

Texas Accreditation – Episode 19

Glenn talks about his New Year's Eve accident and then he and Eric review a new plan from Texas that would require...