Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Koehler Error Rate Article – Episode 161

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray follow up from last week's discussion of Glenn's recent Daubert hearing with a 2016 article from Jonathan...

2017 IAI Conference Recap – Episode 154

Glenn and Eric catch up on how things went at the 2017 IAI Educational Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Glenn covers a panel...

MAFS 2014 and Assorted Bits – Episode 59

Glenn tells Eric about the 2014 Midwestern Associations of Forensic Scientists conference including talk about statistics and error rates in other disciplines...

White Box II – Episodes 57, 58

Part 1 - Episode 57 Eric and Glenn talk about an expensive trip to Norway and then go...

Mailbag Grab Bag – Episode 43

Eric and Glenn open up the mailbag to answer listener mail about error rate court responses, creative processing options, backlogs in AZ,...

Carey Hall Interview – Episode 41

Eric and Glenn interview Carey Hall about her move from AZ to MN, her research interests, and her recent presentations on error...