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Point Counting + Alice (Maceo) White Interview – Episode 109

Eric starts this episode by doing a short interview with Alice (Maceo) White about her class and some recent adventures. Glenn and...

White Box Article – Episodes 69, 70

Part 1 - Episode 69 Eric and Glenn review the newest White Box study from Noblis - Measuring...

Mailbag Grab Bag – Episode 43

Eric and Glenn open up the mailbag to answer listener mail about error rate court responses, creative processing options, backlogs in AZ,...

NIJ Sufficiency Article – Episode 42

Glenn and Eric recound recent travels and then transition into a discussion of the article on Improving the Understanding and the Reliability...

Exclusion and Sufficiency Talk – Episode 33

Eric and Glenn talk with Linda, Robin, Danielle, and Michelle about topics from Glenn and John Black's class on Sufficiency and Exclusions...

John Black Interview – Episode 34

Glenn and Eric sit down (in front of a small audience) to interview John Black about how he started in forensics and...

David Johnson Interview – Episode 28

Glenn and Eric interview David Johnson from Las Vegas about research topics, sufficiency, efficiency, and Vegas crime. Click here...

Sufficiency and Standards for Exclusion Decisions – Episode 11

Glenn interviews Eric about his recent article on Sufficiency and Standards for Exclusion Decisions. Click here to listen to...