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PNW Conference Panel – Episode 205

Glenn Langenburg leads a panel discussion (with Eric Ray joining via phone) at the Pacific Northwest Division of the IAI / Northwest...

2019 IAI Conference – Episode 204

Join Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray in Reno, NV for the 2019 International Association for Identification conference. We are joined by Becca...

Review of Miami-Dade Error Rates – Episode 197

Glenn and Eric start with a brief chat about ethics and the recent JFI letter regarding testing and studies involving human subjects....

AAAS Report & Interviews – Episodes 171 ~ 173

Part 1 - John Black Interview Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray finally get around to discussing the report...

Error Management – Episode 86

Glenn and Eric bring in Carey Hall, Penny Dechant, Heather Conner, and Sean Conner for an extra large Double Loop Podcast that...

Miami-Dade Study Review – Episode 80

Eric and Glenn and Carey Hall go through a review of the recent Miami-Dade study on accuracy in fingerprint comparisons.

Miami-Dade Research Study – Episode 79

Eric and Glenn are joined by Carey Hall for an interview with Igor Pacheco and Brian Cerchiai, the authors of "Miami-Dade Research...

Tri-Division Panel Discussion – Episodes 63, 64, 65, 66

Part 1 - Episode 63 Eric and Glenn host a panel discussion at the 2014 Tri-Division Conference in...

Carey Hall Interview – Episode 41

Eric and Glenn interview Carey Hall about her move from AZ to MN, her research interests, and her recent presentations on error...