Review of Miami-Dade Error Rates – Episode 197


Glenn and Eric start with a brief chat about ethics and the recent JFI letter regarding testing and studies involving human subjects. They then jump into the main discussion on the “Review of Several False Positive Error Rate Estimates for Latent Fingerprint Examination Proposed Based on the 2014 Maimi-Dade Police Department Study” by Madeline Ausdemore, Jessie Hendricks, and Cedric Neumann. The review found that the data best fit a model of two error rates: one for when the true match is not present and one where the true match is one of the individuals presented. The article concludes with follow-up letters to the JFI from Igor Pacheco, Brian Cerchiai, Stephanie Stoiloff, Glenn Langenburg, Jonathan Koehler, Carey Hall, and Brendan Max.

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