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Laura Keck Interview – Episode 195

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray interview friend-of-the-show, Laura Keck, and dive deep into how forensic evidence is interpreted by a lay person....

2017 Florida Conference – Episode 168

Eric Ray hosts a live Double Loop Podcast discussion at the 2017 Florida Division IAI Conference in Panama City Beach, FL, and...

Alicia Wilcox Interview – Episodes 163 + 164

Part 1 - Episode 163 Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray join with Dr. Alicia Wilcox from Husson University...

OJ Simpson Case – Episodes 133 – 134

Part 1 After the success and interest of Making a Murderer episodes, Glenn and Eric travel back to...

Weight of Evidence – Episode 131

Glenn and Eric listened to the online recordings of the NIST Technical Colloquium Quantifying the Weight of Forensic Evidence. The presentations brought...

Universal Language for Testimony and Reports – Episode 130

Glenn and Eric take a look at the newly proposed draft documents from the Department of Justice. These documents seek to provide...

CA Appellate Decision – Episode 98

Eric and Glenn discuss a recent decision coming down from a California appellate court that upheld fingerprint testimony but uses uninformed and...

Fabricated Fingerprints – Episode 67

Eric and Glenn first talk about upcoming testimony on inconclusive decisions and how that decision may be viewed by judges. They then...