In this engaging episode, Eric and Glenn kick things off with a segment of “Where in the World?” which quickly turns into a catch-up session. Glenn shares tales from his recent trip to New York, where he caught the magic of the Harry Potter Broadway show, while Eric updates us on his latest rounds on the conference circuit. Eric is also on the lookout for fingerprint experts to collaborate on a research project focusing on estimating image resolution from ridge density. The duo then addresses a listener’s voicemail, sparking a lively debate.

The main discussion centers on a high-profile homicide case from South Dakota v. Jeremiah Peacemaker, where Glenn provided his expert testimony on fingerprint evidence. They explore the intricacies of Glenn’s involvement and the pivotal role of the fingerprint analysis. In the latter half of the show, the conversation expands as Anjali Ranadive, the DNA expert for the defense, joins in. Anjali and Glenn recount their experiences in court, particularly the DNA testimony, and express their astonishment at the scientific conclusions drawn by the DNA analyst. Their detailed analysis offers listeners a deep dive into the complexities of forensic science in the courtroom.

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