Tuesday, April 23, 2024



New Years Grab Bag – Episode 243

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg catch up on a mix bag of topics in the first episode of 2022.

AAAS Report & Interviews – Episodes 171 ~ 173

Part 1 - John Black Interview Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray finally get around to discussing the report on latent fingerprint comparisons from the American...

PCAST Report – Episode 139

Eric Ray and Glenn Langenburg catch up after an extended hiatus and then review the recent PCAST report. The President's Council of Advisors on...

Beyond Identification – Episode 115

Glenn and Eric talk about a new document released by the Defense Forensic Science Center. That agency has decided to forego using the Identification...

Strengthening the Forensic Sciences Report – Episode 37

Eric and Glenn go through each point brought up in the new report on Strengthening the Forensic Sciences from the National Science and Technology...

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