IAI Recertification Test – Episode 180


Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray report on a heated and controversial topic that caught the attention of the latent print world in the summer of 2018, the re-designed IAI Re-Certification test. Every five years, Certified Latent Print Examiners must take a comparison test. The old one was notoriously easy, but that has recently changed, and the error rate was higher than some expected.

Carl Speckels raised the topic on the CLPEX.com message board and it was discussed at length at the 2018 IAI Conference. The topic is discussed even further here with some suggestions on how to improve the test while keeping it an important aspect of latent print examination.

This episode is sponsored by IDEMIA.


  1. I am taking the re-certification exam at the moment (Jan 2020) and returned to listen to episode 180. The instructions for the test say not to photograph, copy or use digital devices while taking the test. I assumed this meant that that i could not use photoshop. I have had to literally dust off my loops and find pointers and put my body into an un-ergonomic position to do the test. I hear from Glenn on the podcast that I can use photoshop? Why are they still not making this clear to examiners?

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