The Most Dangerous Animal of All Documentary – Episode 225


This week, the guys review and share their reactions to the documentary “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” (produced by Campfire Productions and available now on F/X and Hulu). This is a story about Gary Stewart who believes his father, Earl Van Best, Jr. was the infamous Zodiac Killer in San Francisco in the 1960s/1970s.

The series reveals who Gary is and his obsession with the Zodiac. Then it shows all of the extensive evidence that he and his co-author accumulate to prove Earl Van Best was the Zodiac. Glenn and Eric discuss the forensic evidence in this case and share their views and reactions. At approximately 53:00 minutes we give a spoiler alert as the series and this podcast episode take a turn. We highly recommend watching the 4-part documentary first before hearing our views on this case.